Born and rai... (nope) Kon Boogie is... (hmmm) coming from... (ugh!) FORGET IT! What up! My name is Kon Boogie... I'm from Corona Queens in NYC. My parents are both Cuban and have the same birthday (I thought that was an interesting fact, so just go with it!). I can rap my ass off (swag) and I have a band called Death By Plastic. I've also had the privilege of sharing the stage with some pretty amazing Hip Hop artists (Joe Budden, Blu, Das Efx, Rah Digga, Dead Prez, Masta Ace, Immortal Technique, Action Bronson etc). I've pretty much played everywhere in NY and a s*#t load of places in NJ. On top of being a phenomenal performer *pops collar* I am also an audio engineer (with a degree) and graphic designer (gotta pay the bills somehow,  right?). I absolutely love what I do! Growing up I was always that weird kid that didn't quite fit in... Music always came naturally to me and for the most part kept me out of serious trouble (except for that one time... ok a couple times). I've been a part of many groups throughout the years and for a long time all I did was production and engineer work while maintaining a full time day job (BORING!). In 2009 I decided it was enough... I wasn't gonna keep helping others achieve their goals and dreams without doing the same for myself. So here I am... Present day… Stronger and happier (and broker LOL) than I've ever been. Creating some amazing music and art with some of the most talented and innovative people I have ever met. So besides the hardships of being a struggling artist I'm pretty F'in blessed... I pray you enjoy what I do just as much as I enjoy doing it… BONG!



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  • Radio: Turntable Izm Show, Altered Native Radio, DTF Radio, PNC Radio, Underground Railroad WBAI, The Wreck 89.9 KRBX/90.9 KHDC, Incredible World of Latin Hip Hop, Co‐op Radio 102.7, 88.3 WCBN, 98.7 WDZH Amp Radio, Hot 97.3 WJZE, Smokin 99.1 WSMK, 91.7 WXCI, Black Fist Radio
  • Online: Antenna Magazine, Da Vibe, Hip Hop DX, Jack Thriller, DJ The Hip Hop Chronicles UK, Kevin Nottingham, 2 Dope Boyz, Hype Trak, Soul Culture, URB, Word Is Bond, BIO Magazine, Birthplace Magazine, TakinMines, Fly Guys Inc, Rap do Litoral, Fresh Hip Hop Music, The Hip Hop Head


  • Artists: Joe Budden, Rah Digga, Immortal Technique, Das Efx, Masta Ace, BLU, Action Bronson, Party Supplies
  • Venues: Littlefield, Public Assembly, Santos Party House, Bowery Poetry Club, South Paw, The Pyramid, Recoup Lounge, Trash Bar, Goodbye Blue Monday, Court Tavern, The Coffee Cave, The Gramercy Theater, The Iron Monkey, Cinemart Space 17, The Grisly Pear, Café D’antigua, Alchemist Lounge, Black Flag Shoppe, Crash Mansion, Mood Lounge, 92Y Tribeca, Spin NYC, The Studio at Webster Hall, Don Pedros, Highland Ballroom,
  • Colleges: Rutgers University, Princeton