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Born and raised between Jackson Heights and Corona Queens NY, Kon Boogie is not your typical artist... Years of being behind the scenes and not having the adequate budget he slowly learned how to do most of it himself. As he would say "I got good mostly out of necessity. I was young and eager to make moves, but I slowly learned -- making moves equaled money." So with this mentality he realised, it was either make more money or find a way to do it himself. Little by little learning production, audio engineering as well as graphic design. He recalls "It's not like I knew I'd be great at these things... I just knew I needed to give it a try if I ever had any hope of doing anything as an MC." Being part of several groups and working the underground scene he got firsthand experience on just how intense the competition was in NY. It was eventually time for him to embark on a new journey as a solo artist... Releasing project after project and eventually forming a band he had come into his own. Fast Forward to present day and Kon Boogie is just as focused... He says "My attention to detail and my willingness to be vulnerable is what gives me my edge." and with his new project *SPACESHIPS* we're sure to see a whole new side of him.





by Kon Boogie

Available on iTunes here.